52 Power Up Part 3

Whether you’re a DIYer or are looking for ways to ramp up your website, this collection of 52 Power Up Part 3 tips will have your site looking incredible and performing better in no time.

52 Power Up. Part 3. All Killer. No Filler.

TIP 21: Getting over technology overwhelm.

Does technology completely overwhelm you? Paralyze you, make your eyes glass over, or make you want to pull your hair out in deep tear inducing anger? It does not need to be that way!

Technology can be so much fun when you learn to play with it. Knowledge is power – and we think that you should be feeling powerful! Take the time to tackle whatever task makes you feel small. Face it, learn it, own it. And then move on with it in your pocket as a new-found tool.

You know it’s true! There is an incredible energy that exists when you force yourself through the challenges of complexity. Tell us, what is the one thing that is stopping you?

And I obviously have to mention that our next WEBSITE BOOTCAMP is coming up. You can join us and learn how to finally get past whatever is stopping you.

TIP 22: Build relationships with your “about” page.

Your “ABOUT” page is the opportunity to build a relationship with your customer. More than likely the majority of your website will highlight your business, services and products. But what about the person(s) behind the business? Potential customers want to see the value you offer them, who you are, what you stand for, and the reason they should do business with you. So go the extra mile on your “about” page and leave your visitor dazzled, connected and dying to do business with YOU. Here’s a few ideas to make your “About” page worth the read…

Showcase the value you offer your customer. Sure, this page will be about you, but keeping the value you offer as your core message is the key to keeping them reading.

Be authentic and share your STORY passionately. Avoid the sales pitch, instead be genuine and honest. The reader will see the difference immediately.

Writing in first person allows the page to unfold like a conversation – which is far more relatable for the reader.

Include PHOTOS – they are far more powerful than text alone. Include the professional head shots, but consider a little gallery that shows you or your team behind the scenes. Include your hobbies, interests, family, friends, community support – anything that makes you relatable and interesting to your target audience.

Include interesting facts about yourself and feature them as graphics.

Always finish your page off with a call-to-action. Now that you’ve dazzled and connected with your reader, give them an action to follow. Include a button or a link to get them moving through your site. Do you want them to “view your shop” or “contact you for a consult” or “check out your blog”? Help them to connect deeper.

TIP 23: Knowing your competition gives you an advantage!

Understanding your competition, how they look and feel and act, is important because you don’t want to mimic them. You do not want to be kinda-sorta similar, even though you probably love what they’ve got going on.

Think about this…

You and your competitors are talking to the same basic audience – so it is really important that they understand instantly that you are uniquely you – otherwise you simply blend in, leaving an impression that is blandly similar to others. The best thing to do is to identify your top competitors and look at their overall identity. Their name, tagline, colours, logo, personality, featured product, price points & social media presence. Then you can decide how you will position yourself to stand out. It could be in terms of colour, logo, or overall brand personality. Position yourself strongly!

Ask yourself…

what is the single idea that I want others to have about my business? That question can guide you to identify your unique offering. Dig deep, and deliver that uniqueness in all that you put out into the world 🙂

TIP 24: Pop up, people!

Its a common mistake with a simple fix…

If you’re adding a link in your website that connects to a website other than your own, make sure it opens in a new window or tab.

Why? So you don’t take your site visitors to someone else’s website – leaving yours behind.

By having the link open in a new window, you keep your website present always. You’ve worked hard to get people to visit your website. Make sure they stay there.

TIP 25: Get people to the information they seek easily.

I went onto a restaurants website the other night – on my cell phone – and the food menu was so bizarre (very fancy, very animated). It was so animated that I couldn’t actually get the menu choices or prices to stay on my screen. I was so frustrated that I just decided to order from a different restaurant.

When someone visits your website have you buried your important information? I’m talking about the information that others are looking for. Take a look at your website and make sure that people can easily access the information that they need. If you are a realtor – place your phone number on every single page. Keep it consistent and in an easy to locate area spot on the page. Do not make people dig.

What is it that people are wanting to find on your website? Hours of operation? Phone number? Menu? Rates? Sizing? Whatever it is for you – make sure to get that information front-and-centred. Help your people find what they want. They’ll love you for it 🙂



TIP 26: Why colour is so important.

You’re awesome – own it! Nothing makes a bigger impact than fans who sing your praises. When someone raves about you or your products or services – let them. Then use these expressions of love in your website (or any marketing). We call these Success Indicators and they are very powerful in showcasing the value of your business. They enhance your credibility and carve you out as an expert in your field. So what is a Success Indicator…

If your business has been featured in a publication, display the logo of the magazine, a small blurb about the article and even provide the link to the article if its online.

Have you been a keynote or significant contributor to an event?

What about awards, certifications or special recognition? Showcase those achievements as well.

Do you partner with well known businesses or organizations? Create a section on your homepage that highlights these “Collaborative Partners”.

Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials are even better. Don’t just have one page dedicated to them, but instead sprinkle them throughout your site where the content matches the testimonial.


TIP 27: Speed up your site. Optimize your images.

Have you ever gone to a website and waited for the images to load on the page? 15, 30, 45 seconds (ughh!) I have!

It does not matter how beautiful your website is – if you place huge image files on it, your site will load SLOWLY, and you are using up peoples phone data – which simply annoys them. Not the impression to leave them with.

It is the most common mistake I’ve seen, even web developers do it: Placing print quality images onto their website. Think about it – if you place 5 images on a page, each one being 5MB – your one single page equals 25MB.

The solution is to OPTIMIZE YOUR IMAGES – reduce the file-size and you can speed up your website. Here is one simple way to quickly reduce image file-size. Grab some of your images and drag them onto this image-compression website.

It will reduce the file-size up to 80%. It is NOT THE ONLY CONSIDERATION – but it is a quick fix without having to edit each image.


TIP 28: Get a second opinion.

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes. As business owners, we’re pretty close to the elements we create for our brand. So close, that sometimes its hard to truly be objective. This is often the case with our websites – so much time, effort and love goes into birthing them. But are they really working for your target audience?

The quickest way to confirm is to gather a few people who match your ideal customer and have them take an honest look at your site. Put your personal feelings aside and listen to the feedback.  Ask them questions about the experience they have with your site, and then use that information to shape your site to be more engaging and memorable.

Here’s what you could ask them:

  • Is my text easy to understand?
  • Is there too much text?
  • Do you like my images and graphics
  • Is my site easy to navigate?
  • Do you understand what I’m selling?
  • Is my homepage clear and impactful – in under two seconds?
  • What is your overall impression?

TIP 29: Two plugins your site should have.

I love WordPress because there are so many plugins that add amazing functionality to your website. Choose them wisely though – not all plugins are created equal. Some can slow your site right down, and some are written with malicious code to hack into your website. But here are two recommendations for plugins will instantly add to your website.

MONSTER INSIGHTS: See how visitors find your website and how they use it. Knowledge is power, and if you know what content is working for your people – you can focus your efforts to do more of what they like. This is all about stats and analytics. Link your Google analytics account to your website – and then connect them with this plugin.

WORDFENCE: Security is a HUGE deal, because you should want to protect the time and money that you’ve put into your website. Starting over from scratch can be devastating. Even the free version of this plugin adds incredible security for your WordPress website.


TIP 30: Should I blog?

Should I blog? We get asked this a lot. There are many reasons to blog but as a website marketing tool, yes, you absolutely should. Here’s why:

Blogs help DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website. Very few of us actually update the text on our websites regularly. And we have to if we want to rank on search engine’s results pages. In order to rank high, we have to have new content for the search engines to scan. Every 30 days your site is scanned by search engines. When they see new content, you are rewarded. A blog allows for this new content. When you rank on a search engine, you get more traffic to your site.

TIP: IF you’re adding a blog to your website AND you want your viewer to engage deeply with it, be sure to add blog CATEGORIES. This act like a mini menu for your blog and help viewers get to the content they’re most interested in.



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