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52 Power Up Part 5

52 Power Up. Part 5. All Killer. No Filler. Welcome back all you fine-feathered friends 🙂 This is our final installment in our 52 Power Up collection. Our final tips, for now.  We hope you've loved them, and have applied at least 6 of them to improve your website,...

52 Power Up Part 4

We’re excited to roll out ten more tips in Part 4 of this 52 Power Up collection. Apply them and get your site looking incredible and performing better in no time.

52 Power Up Part 3

Check out #3 in our series: from dealing with overwhelm, to colour, to your “about” page – we’ve got 10 more technical tips to give you a competitive advantage.

52 Power Up Part 2

We want your web presence to be just brilliant! Here is our second installment of tips to move you towards that goal. Our series of 52 invaluable tips continues…

52 Power Up. Part 1. Tips for your website.

Whether you’re a DIY-er or are looking for ways to ramp up your website, this collection of invaluable tips will have your site looking incredible and performing better in no time.

Updating your website is a bit like love.

Why love?
Because, much like love, updating a website is both simple and complex.

Can’t you just press “update”. Yes, you can. Can it be that simple? Yes. Is it that simple. No.

5 Reasons to Avoid Music within Your Website

I love music. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. The storied lyrics, the emotions evoked, the good times had while listening…they all play a role in people’s love affair with melody. But music has a time and it definitely has a place…and that place, my friends, is NOT as background harmonies on your business website or blog.

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