General FAQs:

I already know WordPress. Am I going to learn anything from your courses?

Yes. As professional graphic & web designers and developers, our knowledge is vast. Sure, we’ll be covering the basics of WordPress, but we’ll also give you one-one-one instruction to truly dig deeper, learning how to design, customize, build and maintain a website unique to your brand AND your business.

Website Bootcamp:

What will I need to bring to the Website Bootcamp?

You will need to bring a laptop computer to work on during the workshop.  If you do not have one, please email us to discuss some options.

You will be given a small list of homework to complete before the course. That will need to be completed before the first day.

Some of the homework includes

  • setting up a hosting account ready for WordPress to be installed.
  • A domain name for your website
  • a Dropbox account to share course files over the 4 weeks.
  • your web copy (the words for your site) and any images that you will use.  We will be giving you direction for planning both of these in your homework before the first class.
What should I prepare?

Before the fist class we will be asking you to make sure that you have your domain name and hosting set up so that you will be ready to start building your site, and will not have to figure out moving the website after it is completed.

We’ll get in touch in a few weeks before the course begins, to work out the best plan for you. If you need to build your website on our server, we will host it for you for three months while you build it. This will give you time to figure out your hosting plan.

We ask that you prepare all of your web page text prior to day 1 & bring it in a digital document. Without content, you’ll have no foundation to shape your website. Typical pages: home // about // my service or product  // pricing //  contact.

We also ask that you bring any photos or relevant graphics that you might use in your website & a logo if you have one. (in digital form) *if you don’t have any – don’t worry, we’ll be covering visuals in the workshop.

Should I take this workshop if I already have a website?

In this course you will learn all the basics about WordPress and incorporating essential functionality into your site. We will be looking at the science behind creating a stellar homepage, your site navigation, and decisions about page layouts and working with content.  You will also learn about essential plugins, backing up your site, and how to maintain it to keep it as secure as possible. This workshop is focused on creating brand new website. That said, we will be teaching you all of the skills you need to make significant improvements to an existing site.

How long is this workshop?

Our Website Bootcamp is 18 hours in total. Currently, we are offering it allocated over 3 consecutive days.

I can't make the weekday sessions. Will you offer other time slots?

Yes. While our current offering is set for weekday mornings, we do plan to offer future Bootcamps on weekends and evenings. Please sign up for our newsletter. Not only will you be entered to win your seat for free, but you will be notified of all upcoming workshops.

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