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As dedicated & seasoned entrepreneurs, we understand the struggles small business owners face. We know it requires an enormous amount of sacrifice. It’s an investment that might deplete your savings & force you to call in favors from friends & family – and you’re spending countless hours doing everything yourself, whether you’re good at it or not. We have made those mistakes ourselves, trying to do-it-yourself without the slightest idea of how to do “it”.

Niki Campbell

I have so many clients that are paralyzed by the task of building a new website. And rightly so – there many, many (so many) things to consider. I have trained people to manage their own sites where at the beginning they are almost in tears because it seems so confusing and they don’t know where to start.

But it is easier than you think, if you allow yourself to believe that.

I love the connection that exist between complex concepts, and the simplicity that actually exists within them.  A website is simply a tool to communicate – the technologies we use, are also just tools.  Learn them and you are empowered.  I feel at this point my goal is to remind people to look past those tools as barriers.  Your website should simply be a vehicle to communicate with your people.


a bit of my history

I have been working in web development and design for over 18 years. Early in my career I worked on sites for large corporate clients as well as independent business owners.

There was a moment when I took a break from working digitally.

I was passionate about creating my own business and opened a small boutique shop on Main Street in Vancouver, which I operated for seven years. This gave me an incredible amount of insight into the amount of demands that are placed on the small business owner.

During those retail years I continued to do freelance web work for my existing clients – and was able to apply all of those design and marketing skills towards my own business as well.

Kim Timothy

With 19 years in the branding industry, there is no doubt that design and brand education are my passion. Those “light bulb” moments, when a client understands and implements their brand plan with success, are incredible.

Visual branding is critical for any business – especially small business. How your target market perceives your business – especially your online presence – WILL make or break it. I have seen the results when a solid brand strategy – consistently represented through your logo, website, and other marketing materials – is implemented.


a bit of my history

After completing my degree in Visual Communications, I began my career in the corporate design industry. I found myself climbing the corporate ladder fast and hard. My clientele included Telus, WestJet, Shell Canada, and McDonald’s Restaurant (Canada internal) to name a few. I loved every aspect of my job, and soon found myself in the role of Art Director at 28. I was incredibly proud, but burnt out and craving change.

Motherhood became my new focus. I deliberately put my career on the backburner, but the need for creativity never left. When my kids entered elementary school and I had more time, I found myself back in the design industry. This time I was helping small business to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. I am so grateful to be where I am, doing exactly what I love.

We are experienced, formally trained and actively working professionals in the brand, graphic and web design industry.

We are fueled by passion and truly love helping others fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. This means that the environment that we create is friendly, patient, and supportive.

We created Brand Brilliant to help you – the savvy entrepreneur and the budget-conscious business owner – to bypass the exasperating pitfalls of building your own website from scratch. We offer interactive group workshops that empower you to create a website that you can be proud of (and that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg). As instructors, we supply you with the confidence and know-how to manage your own site – simply, smartly and superbly.


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