Featured Graduate: Raina Delisle

Writer. Editor. Digital Journalist.

When we created Brand Brilliant, we didn’t realize the amazing community we were building and just how much we would learn from our students. We have formed incredible relationships with a supportive community of extraordinary small business owners. And for that, we are so grateful!

Raina Delisle, is one of our graduates, and someone we regard highly.

Raina crafted her website with strategy and creativity – taking in absolutely everything that we taught.

She never ceased to amaze us. From creative and well branded visuals through to well crafted page content and function – nothing was missed in her execution. The final result is a website that perfectly reflects her brand personality and offering. We are so proud of all that she has achieved.

Brand Brilliant. Featured Grad. Raina Delisle.

What we didn’t expect was the letter that we received from Raina.

We were so touched with all that she shared in her testimonial.
As a writer, she sure knows how to make impact! We just had to share it with everyone…

“Eight years and three failed web courses later, I finally have a website—thanks to Brand Brilliant.”

As a writer and editor, having a professional website and a meaningful brand identity is essential. My website is my virtual office; it’s often the first place I “meet” potential clients, introduce them to my work, and help them get a feel for my style and personality. Despite knowing the value—or rather, the essentiality—of a website, I didn’t have one until now. But it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Before starting Brand Brilliant’s Website Bootcamp, I had completed three different web courses: a month-long intensive university program, one-on-one custom training at a tech college, and a continuing studies night class. Each program promised I would graduate with a website, yet every time I left with less confidence and nothing more than a “Coming Soon” page that mocked me. After each failed attempt, I would search for someone to just do the work for me, collecting quotes of up to $10,000. But because I wanted to have the skills to regularly update my portfolio—and not blow my budget—I kept looking for the perfect course for me. Finally, I found Brand Brilliant.

I was sold on Brand Brilliant’s Website Bootcamp as soon as I landed on their beautiful and easy-to-navigate website, and saw smiling photos of workshop participants wearing personalized nametag buttons. I was thrilled to find out that attention to detail and personalized service was just the beginning of what Niki and Kim had to offer.

Walking into a new classroom can be stressful, but Kim and Niki created a fun, collaborative, and welcoming atmosphere.

They bypassed the jargon and spoke in a language I understood. Like training for a 10K run, the sessions are structured in such a way that you slowly increase your understanding and build on your skills—never feeling overwhelmed—allowing you to easily reach your goal without straining yourself.

Between sessions, Niki and Kim availed themselves to answer questions via email and also gave students access to a veritable well of information through their support site. Even after the celebratory launch party at the end of the final class, Kim and Niki kept in touch and helped me put the finishing touches on my website. I’m so pleased with the final result.

On their website, Niki and Kim promise that you will love Website Bootcamp—I certainly did and I’m sure you will, too.


Brand Brilliant. Featured Grad. Raina Delisle.

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Kim Timothy

Hello! I’m Kim - partner, graphic/web designer & brand educator for Brand Brilliant. With 20 years in the design industry, I’m a creative problem solver committed to crafting, communicating & nurturing exceptional brands in relevant and impactful ways. I believe a successful business involves building brand integrity, creating lasting relationships, and representing itself at its visual best. Through Brand Brilliant, I’m thrilled to be guiding entrepreneurs through this process and helping them discover success for their own brands and websites.

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