Tutorial with both Niki and Kim

Tutorial with both Niki and Kim


Price is $80 per hour and for both instructors. Please book as many hours as you need with Niki and Kim.

Is your website, brand or marketing doing all it can for your business? Are you looking for ways to improve your efforts, but aren’t sure exactly which direction to take? Book a one-on-one and in-person tutorial session with both Brand Brilliant instructors – Niki Campbell and Kim Timothy.


If you decided to describe Niki as a Web Developer, it would be a perfectly accurate definition – but you would be missing out on the best of her offering. Yes, she excels at building websites that are well thought-out and structured with a decisive strategy in place.  But her true value comes from her ‘big picture’ perspective – combining her 20 years of technical knowledge with all of her on-the-ground business experience: creating and operating a retail store for 7 years, operating a screen-printing business for 5, and of course Brand Brilliant.

Niki believes in the simplification of complexity.  She builds websites, understands the architecture of them.  She has deep insights into WordPress, and how to make it work for you.

Kim has spent the better part of two decades operating full service branding companies and specializing in graphic & web design and marketing. She is a creative problem solver committed to communicating her client’s stories in relevant and impactful ways. Kim believes successful design involves building brand integrity, creating lasting relationships, and representing a business at its visual best. She is also the co-founder of Brand Brilliant, a collaboration with Niki Campbell, to guide people through the process of designing, building and marketing a website that truly resonates and expresses the exact personality and intention of their business.

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