5 Reasons to Avoid Music Within Your Website


I love music. It’s the soundtrack of our lives. The storied lyrics, the emotions evoked, the good times had while listening…they all play a role in people’s love affair with melody. But music has a time and it definitely has a place…and that place, my friends, is NOT as background harmonies on your business website or blog. Here are 5 reasons to avoid music within your website:

1. Public Surfing

Did you know that 72%* of internet users spend more time surfing the internet at work than they do at home? Of these people, 67%* are retail shopping. That is a staggering amount of work time sneakiness. As business owners, do we want these people to stop shopping our websites? Not at all! But they will if they come across a website that’s belting out a rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on up load. Even if the site offers the option to “turn off” the soundtrack, the viewer won’t even give it a chance. Why? Because that vocal website is threatening their employment.

The same stands for any public computer usage – schools, libraries, cyber cafes, etc.  Lets be honest, no one ever expects music to start streaming when they visit a website. So when a site loads and music starts pumping through the airwaves of your local Starbucks it can be more than a little alarming. The first reaction is to MAKE IT STOP! Many people will immediately close the website window and move on to a competitors website.

* Statistics from www.vault.com

2. Preferences

Even if you’re up on your website analytics and understand who your customer is, there is no easy or cost effective manner in which to really define their preference in music. One thing is for sure, more than likely, someone will detest the songs you have chosen so don’t even try to guess. Just omit the music altogether.

3. The Scene Is Already Set

We’ve determined that people love music and they also love their computers. So chances are they are already listening to their favorite tunes while surfing the Internet. MP3’s and Internet radios are today’s popular choice for music, both of which require the computer and its speakers to be heard. How annoying would it be to visit a website who’s music plays over or drowns out your own? The quick fix would be to leave the offending website.

4. Seconds to Impress

The current statistics state that a homepage has only 2.7 seconds to grab the attention of the visitor before they move on to your competitor. Streaming music takes time, often more time then your viewer is willing to commit. It makes no sense to waste this precious attention span for music.

Having music can also consume a lot of bandwidth – sometimes more than the rest of your site put together. The more bandwidth you use, the more money it will cost you to host.We all know in business, every penny counts.

There are also a lot of older browsers out there on the internet that might not support multimedia. If you had a choice between a user being able to hear music OR having everyone view your website, which would you choose?

5. Don’t be a Criminal

If you do not have legal permission from the singer, songwriter or recording studio you are not allowed to publish music on your website. If you are caught litigation, fines, and lawsuits may be in your future. Criminals aren’t cool. So please don’t risk it.

Of course there are exceptions to the above points. You may be a musician with a website, own an establishment that promotes music, have a personal website in which to express yourself through music, or perhaps you are iTunes.

BUT, if you are not, I ask that you terminate the tunes immediately. Your business will thank you!


Kim Timothy

Hello! I’m Kim - partner, graphic/web designer & brand educator for Brand Brilliant. With 20 years in the design industry, I’m a creative problem solver committed to crafting, communicating & nurturing exceptional brands in relevant and impactful ways. I believe a successful business involves building brand integrity, creating lasting relationships, and representing itself at its visual best. Through Brand Brilliant, I’m thrilled to be guiding entrepreneurs through this process and helping them discover success for their own brands and websites.

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