It’s official – the first year of our Website Bootcamp has come to an end.

And what a year it has been!

We started our business for one simple reason – we just wanted it to be a bit easier for smaller businesses to get a website up and running.  But not just “any website”.  A website that is built the proper way, with the same considerations and approach that we put into building a professional site.  We knew that we had the knowledge and drive to do it, and we both thrive when working with people.

And so the journey started…

Was it easy?  No.  We learned so much. We learned early on that it is not as simple for others as it is for us.  Well, we probably already knew that – but it was solidified for us, just in case we forgot. We had to quickly refine what we were offering so that our students did not get lost in the technology.

Every time we saw a moment of over-whelm, and there were those moments, we evaluated how we could refine our course to bypass it as much as possible.

The building of the websites was almost a side effect

We saw 30 people come through our first three Website Bootcamps, and what we did not realize is that the building of the actual website, that final end product, was almost the side effect for the deeper learning that was taking place.

Many of our students have walked away, with sites complete, and now they are maintaining those sites, adding and editing content or plugins when required (the right way!) and applying all of those minuscule yet incredibly important considerations that we gave them in class.  They really got it!

we had one of those moments that reminds you that you’re doing the right thing

One of our quieter students approached Kim and I, and expressed such heart-felt gratitude, almost with a sigh of relief – she was truly empowered by what she had learned.  She enrolled just to get a website – but she was blown away by all of the extra insights that she is now equipped with. It has altered how she will approach running her business.

But the best part about her comment, is that we have heard it every time we run our class. That is success for me.

I am so impressed with every single person that we have taught.

We knew that our goal was to build a community – but we didn’t realize that we would feel such an affection for all of our grads. We have 30 new people that we are rooting for.

In the weeks to come, we’ll introduce them to you too!


My final sentiment is simply this: Together we succeed.

It’s a corny last line I know, but there is truth in it – so I will leave it at that.

We’ll be back in the fall.


Here’s what our grads are saying…

Thanks for a great month, full of information, fun people, and yummy food. It was a great environment in which to learn. Thanks for all of your amazing tips; and, I appreciate your flexibility and your availability for questions along the way. You provide an amazing service and you are creating a wonderful community. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this.

Brandi Allen

Brandi Allen Counselling

Winning a spot in Niki and Kim’s course was hands-down the best thing that ever happened to my business! My business would not exist without this awesome workshop and these two talented ladies!

Emma McCormick

Emma McCromick Creative

Niki and Kim truly are Brilliant! I completed their Website Bootcamp and it was insightful, inspiring and fun.  They helped me create and build the most professional on point website I have ever had.  They are the best and most affordable web designers I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many and spent thousands! I have finally found my Everything to do with my Website – go to team. Yeah!”

Karen Pavich

Real Estate CRM Success



Niki Campbell

I am Niki, the web developer behind all that is Brand Brilliant. When building sites I always ensure that they are well thought-out and structured with a decisive strategy in place. If you're interested in what brought me here? I have now been building websites for 19 years. I am a strategist, screen-printer, graphic designer and (of course) web developer. During my 19 years I've taken many tangents. Creating my own retail shop, raising my son Arlo, and always keeping my hands dirty in my screen-printing business. I believe in the simplification of complex concepts and I love helping others to learn to simplify as well.

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