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Two years ago my business partner, Niki, and I set out with a plan – we wanted small business owners to succeed. As long time pros in the design and website industry, we have spent the majority of our careers designing and building websites for clients, and while we love it, we also see the struggles small business owners have in achieving the branding and online success they want. If you’re a small business owner, I’m sure you can relate. There are so many things to consider when building a website – what purpose does it serve; what do I want it to say; how do I want it to look; am I techie enough to make it function well; will it work well on a mobile phone; how do I drive traffic to it; how much time and money do I have to put into it? We knew there had to be a better way to serve our clients and show them how to navigate the overwhelm.

We created Brand Brilliant and Website Bootcamp as a solution to this overwhelm.

Website Bootcamp launched with huge success in October 2015. Ten small business owners came to learn how to design & build purposeful websites that stood out from their competition, truly resonated with their customers, and expressed the exact personality and intention of their businesses. We covered branding essentials; helped them identify their content and authentic message to truly resonate with their audience; simplified the technical process; showed them how to create incredible graphics using free online tools; guided them through each step of building a solid, secure and effective website; shared the top four marketing tools to drive traffic to their website; and supported them each step of the way with video tutorials, tools, resources and hands-on instruction.

our students created logos, brands, graphics & entire websites…

Below is a showcase of some of the projects completed by Website Bootcamp Graduates. Logos, graphics, and websites. Its all in the little details. Click on the images below to launch larger images.

An education and a community

Every Website Bootcamp is held in a unique setting. Our goal is to provide a cozy, comfortable learning environment while supporting different event spaces within our local community. Bootcamp is not a classroom, its an experience where we connect, learn, and grow as businesses and people. Our first Website Bootcamp was held at 24 Carrot Center, owned and operated by our friend Carolyne Taylor of yoUnlimited – one of the best places in Victoria to connect and network your small business. The images below highlight some of our favorite moments of our first Website Bootcamp.

it’s not a great workshop without extraordinary people.

They came to learn from us, but I think we learned more from them. Our inaugural Website Bootcamp students are exceptional people. Their enthusiastic approach and candid feedback helped shaped our delivery for all future Bootcamps. We can’t thank them enough! Meet our Graduates…

what are graduates are saying about website bootcamp

“I can’t say enough good things about Kim and Niki and their Brand Brilliant Website Bootcamp. After years of living with a website that was ‘almost-but-not-quite’ my brand, and thousands of dollars spent on something I didn’t fully love, these ladies helped me nail it once and for all. If you need a website that you can understand, that you can run your business from (and know how to make changes to) these girls could be your new best friends……(and they’re both very cool….)” ROBYN UNWIN Website Bootcamp Graduate 2015

“Niki and Kim were fantastic instructors. I walked into day one of the course with almost no website development experience and left after the fourth session with the skills needed to create a beautiful and responsive website. I can’t wait to launch!” EMMA MCCORMICK Website Bootcamp Graduate 2015

“Kim and Niki delivered a professional, informative course that exceeded all of my expectations. They are thoughtful presenters, the most organized and thorough I have ever seen. I would recommend anyone interested in learning about WordPress and or designing an amazing website work with these two women. They are a dynamic duo of content, knowledge experience and have put together a program that will change how you view your own website.” MARY LOU NEWBOLD Website Bootcamp Graduate 2015



24 Carrot CenterWorkshop space for our October Website Bootcamp.

Alison Bigg
For catering our launch party.

BK Studios
For capturing our workshop in action.

Carolyne Taylor
For your support and your community.


Kim Timothy

Hello! I’m Kim – partner, graphic/web designer & brand educator for Brand Brilliant. With 20 years in the design industry, I’m a creative problem solver committed to crafting, communicating & nurturing exceptional brands in relevant and impactful ways.

I believe a successful business involves building brand integrity, creating lasting relationships, and representing itself at its visual best.

Through Brand Brilliant, I’m thrilled to be guiding entrepreneurs through this process and helping them discover success for their own brands and websites.

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